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Introduction to Web4 AI

To reimagine usage of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) using AI

Web4 AI ($WEB4), strives to disrupt the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) cryptocurrency space using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Web4 AI, through its diverse DeFi offerings, aims to quickly establish a strong presence in the DeFi market by creating unique use cases.
One of Web4 AI’s unique selling point is that it will offer superior AI trading algorithms for automated AI trading. Secondly the introduction of Web4 Wallet Management to optimize the storage and transaction of digital assets. Thirdly, Web4 AI NFT Generation utilizes AI to generate NFTs that are unique and cannot be replicated, making them highly valuable. Lastly, Web4 AI also intends to branch into non-crypto related use cases such as automated customer service, content creation and so forth.

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Image Generated Using WEB4 AI

We currently provide the following checkpoints:

  • sd-v1-1.ckpt: 237k steps at resolution 256x256 on laion2B-en. 194k steps at resolution 512x512 on laion-high-resolution.
  • sd-v1-2.ckpt: Resumed from sd-v1-1.ckpt. 515k steps at resolution 512x512 on laion-aesthetics v2 5+ (a subset of laion2B-en with estimated aesthetics score > 5.0, and additionally filtered to images with an original size >= 512x512, and an estimated watermark probability < 0.5.).

Web4 AI NFT Generation

Web4 AI utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to generate NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is a relatively new concept that utilizes machine learning techniques to create unique digital assets. AI-generated NFTs can be used to represent digital art, collectible items, or other digital assets.

AI Trading Algorithm

Web4 AI creates provide superior AI trading algorithm to ensure consistency and profitability for the trader, depending on risk appetite, tolerance, portfolio size and market conditions.

Web4 Wallet Management

AI-powered cryptocurrency wallet management is a relatively new concept that utilizes artificial intelligence technology to manage and optimize the storage and transactions of digital assets.

How it Works

Web4 & Artificial Intelligence

Web4, also called the semantic web, is an extension of web3, the decentralized web. It aims to create a more intelligent and connected web, where data and services can be easily linked and shared across different platforms and devices. The main focus of web4 is to make the web more human-friendly and machine-readable by using semantic technologies, which allow for the representation of knowledge and data in a way that is easily understandable by both humans and machines.

Web4 will include features such as natural language processing, knowledge graphs, and machine learning, which will enable a more intuitive and personalized web experience. The goal is to create a web that is more expressive, intelligent, and capable of understanding the meaning of the information presented in the web pages, and how it is related to other information.

Be part of the Artificial Intelligence

Generate Imagery

Unique imagery using stability diffusion

Profitable AI Trading

Level up your crypto trading using AI Bot

Wallet Management

AI-powered tool to propose the purchase / sale of digital assets.

WEB4 AI Core Team

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